Secondment from IEFLUIDS to University of Seville

The purpose of the secondment (July 2022)was to understand how to match the different methodologies used by IEFLUIDS and USE for wind turbine analysis and to set the test case for Valorem.

IEFLUIDS collaborated with the University of Seville (USE) personnel to define the numerical simulations for the Valorem test case, specifically determining a single parameter that rules the physics of the problem. This has been identified in the upstream undisturbed velocity at the wind turbine rotor height.

Then they work on the analysis of characteristics of the CFD software used by IEFLUIDS, to understand how it can be properly described by a reduced order model. The following elements have been analyzed:

  • The inlet condition
  • The outlet condition, based on the solution of a purely convective equation
  • The boundary condition at the wall, where a wall function is used
  • The boundary condition a the top of the computational domain, where a free slip condition is used
  • The turbulence model

Then, the number of samples necessary to develop the reduce model has been identified. Finally, there was a check on how to transfer the computational domain between the IEFLUIDS and USE’s models, and how to transfer the data output.

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