Secondment from Politecnico di Torino to ICAM, Virginia Tech

M. Strazzullo from Politecnico di Torino spent one month of November 2022 at ICAM, Virginia Tech under the workscope of ARIA.

The main purpose was to establish a fruitful collaboration between the two institution. Indeed, the goal of the visit was to start a longterm project with Professor Iliescu on regularized reduced models in convection dominated flows under the action of feedback control or optimal control.

The secondment was dedicated to reviewing the state of the art on feedback control and regularized reduced models. They combined the two topics leading to some first promising steps in this new field. Moreover, M. Strazzullo could share her scientific interests and work with the whole mathematics department of Virginia Tech thanks to a Colloquium: “Model order reduction for nonlinear and timedependent parametrized optimal control problems”.

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