Secondment from Seville University to Virginia Tech

B.Koc from University of Seville had a secondment with Virginia Tech for 1,5 months. The purpose of the secondment was to build a consistent data-driven approach, residual-based data-driven, reduced-order model (R-D2-VMS-ROM) for the parameter-dependent convection-diffusion problem as well as to to show that the R-D2-VMS-ROM is more consistent and accurate than the standard data-driven, coefficient-based, one (D2-VMS-ROM).

The team run all the models for the parameterdependent convectiondiffusion problem with a predictive regime. Based on how the subscales are modeled, we implement two different RD2VMSROMs, they numerically compare the RD2VMSROM and the D2VMSROM in terms of accuracy and consistency. They also compare the RD2VMSROM and D2VMSROM results with the streamline upwind PetrovGalerkin ROM (SUPGROM) with optimal stabilized coefficient which is found by trial and error.

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