Secondment from University of Seville to Valorem

T.Chacón from University of Seville has completed a secondment at Valorem in Bordeaux in April 2022. The purpose of the secondment is to analyse the available data for Valorem’s test case (airflow past a wind turbine) and develop  Kolmogorov’s turbulence theory-based a posteriori error estimation for LES,models of turbulent fluids as well as  Reduced Order domain decomposition methods for Valorem’s test case.

During the secondment a detailed analysis of available wind-farms data was held by Valorem, and their application to the afforded test case. They have also analysed the possibility of using data compression techniques to address the most important output data.

In order to afford the computation of a field with several airfoils, the purpose is to build a reduced order domain decomposition technique, in which the near-field flow around the airfoil would be pre-computed in the off-line phase, while the far-field flow would be computed in the on-line phase. The main innovation is to build a ROM for the boundary conditions mapping associated to the near-field flow. During this secondment they have worked on the basic development of this technique for advection-diffusion flows, using Artificial Neural Networks to build the reduced boundary conditions mapping.

They also develop the theoretical basis for Reduced Basis LES Smagorinsky turbulence models. This deals with the statement of the off-line + on-line strategy, as well as the extension of Kolmogorov’s turbulence theory-based a posteriori error estimation, already built for 2D flows, to 3D unsteady LES models of turbulent fluids.

A presentation of recent results on pressure treatment by Local Projection Stabilization in certified Reduced Basis Smagorinsky LES model, Kolmogorov’s turbulence theory-based a posteriori error estimation for 2D flows was shown in Workshop “Reduced Order Models at Work: Industry and Medicine”.


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