This page describes the different methods to install the BioImageIT tools suite. If you are a beginner, we recommend using the virtual machine that comes with a ready to use local install. If you plan configuring a local or server instance, the easiest method is to use the last stable version zip package that comes with all the tool suite. If you are a developer that needs a dedicated install, you can manually install just the tools you need.

Demo virtual machine

We build a demo virtual machine to ease the install of the BioImageIT tool suite in any workstation.

  • Install virtual box on your computer:
  • Download the BioImageIT virtual machine from here
  • Import the virtual machine in virtual box: file > import
  • Start the virtual machine: Select the BioImageIT virtual machine on the left area and clic the “Start” button
  • When the virtual machine is started, you can login using the credentials:
    • username: BioImageIT
    • password: bioimageit2020
  • All the BioImageIT tools shortcut are in the desktop. Please follow the tutorials to get started with BioImageIT

Prepackaged version

A prepackaged version is available here

To configure the package, run the script install

chmod u+x

you will be asked to type a username used to identify the operator un the generated metadata files

To start the graphical interface type:


To start the graphical interface type:


Note that this package install the BioImageIT tools (BioImagePy and BioImageApp), but not the runner (Docker, Singularity…)
You need to install your runner separatly

Manual install

the manual installation is avalable in the BioImagePy library documentation here

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