Bocop 1.1.0 release

Bocop 1.1.0 is out.

Main changes include:

  • new Qt GUI available for linux precompiled packages (Mac and Windows versions are still under testing)
  • multipliers for the constraints, as well as the adjoint states, are now saved in .sol files and available for visualization. Reoptimization is now possible as a warm start, reusing the multipliers from the previous solution for initialization in addition to the primal variables. Reoptimization using only the primal variables is now labeled as cold start.

Links and complete changelog are available on the Download page.

Team update – Next release preview

We are happy to announce that Daphne Giorgi joined the Bocop team as development engineer on September 2012.
Daphne took over from Vincent Grelard, who finished his 2-year position with us on October.
It was really nice working with Vincent, we wish him a happy trekking in South America !

Here is a little preview of the new Qt GUI for Bocop.

Bocop 1.0.3 minor update

15/06/2012: 1.0.3 minor update

– UserGuide completed on .def file description
– command line error message replaced by warning when changing the number of steps outside of the GUI (time grid will be reset)
– missing newline corrected in .bounds file for goddard problem

Bocop 1.0.3 bugfixes

09/06/2012: 1.0.3 bugfixes

– Some bugfixes for the windows platform
– Some bugfixes related to the GUI
– Precompiled packages for linux32, linux64, windows

BOCOP 1.0.3 release

Bocop 1.0.3 is out.

Main changes include:

  • Parametrized control: you can now specify a control as a trigonometric sum or a piecewise polynomial function.
  • Non uniform time grid (experimental): you can adjust the time steps over the time interval.
  • Batch optimizations for a varying parameter.
  • Packages with precompiled binaries for Adol-C and Ipopt: smaller package and easier install.

Links and complete changelog are available on the Download page.

BOCOP – The optimal control solver

The Bocop project aims to develop an open-source toolbox for solving optimal control problems, with collaborations with industrial and academic partners.

Optimal control (optimization of dynamical systems governed by differential equations) has numerous applications in transportation, energy, process optimization, and biology.

Bocop is developed in the framework of the Inria-Saclay initiative for an open source optimal control toolbox (2010-2012), and is supported by the team Commands.

Bocop is released under the Eclipse Public License (EPL).

Contact: Pierre Martinon