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Training course and workshop on TRANUS

Training course and workshop on TRANUS             

>>  These Training and workshop are open to external participants <<


– TRAINING on TRANUS : 1st and 2nd of July 2013

– Workshop : 3rd of July 2013

Location : INRIA Grenoble at Montbonnot (Getting to INRIA Montbonnot)


  • Resgistration is free but mandatory. Deadline: the 24th of June.
  • To attend to this training, please send an email to Marie-Anne Dauphin  <>.

Training program

Lecturer: Tomas de La Barra

Provisional Schedule :

Monday 1st of July 2013 :

  • Morning: deep description of the land use module of TRANUS.
    • 9h00-10h30: description of the global logic + skimming through all equations
    • 11h00-12h30: deep analysis of the key equations (the most important ones!).
  • Afternoon: deep description of the transport module of TRANUS.
    • 14h00->15h30: description of the global logic + skimming through all equations
    • 16h00->17h30: deep analysis of the key equations.
  • Late afternoon
    • 17h30->18h30: Examples of models (zones, sectors…), spectrum, possibilities and limitations of TRANUS.
  • Dinner Restaurant “Le 5” (20h00).

Tuesday 2nd of July 2013 : practice of TRANUS

  • Morning: (9h00-13h00)
    • Training to TUS + introduction to examples C or D. (we assume that all participants come and work with their own laptop on which TRANUS is already installed)
    • Designing of a new small model or extending example C or D (addition of roads and zones? addition of sectors?)
  • Afternoon: (14h30-17h)
    • Discussion about calibration of TRANUS
    • Calibration of the extended model designed in the morning.

Workshop program

Wednesday 3rd of July 2013 :

  • Morning: (09h-13h)
    • Brian J. Morton, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (invited speaker) : 9h00-11h00
    • Pause (11h00-11h30)
    • Presentations given by the participants (11h30-12h30)
    • Discussion (12h30-13h00)
    • Lunch: 13h15
  • Afternoon: (14h30-17h00)
    • Round table about LUTI calibration and validation


The closest hotel is:

Park & Suites Elégance Grenoble Inovallée
75 Rue Blaise Pascal
tel: 04 76 15 13 50
fax: 04 76 15 13 51


– Emmanuel Prados:; Phone: +33 476 61 52 27
– Marie-Anne Dauphin:; Tel: +33 476 61 54 95

List of the participants:

Name Laboratory
Gilquin Laurent STEEP
Tschirhard Anthony STEEP
Arnaud Elise STEEP
Capelle Thomas STEEP
Prados Emmanuel STEEP
Sturm Peter STEEP
Longaretti Pierre-Yves STEEP
Coulombel Nicolas Labo Ville Mobilité Transport
Mr Lo Feudo Fausto LVMT (IFSTTAR)
Lasserre Vincent LVMT
Cabrera Jorge LVMT
L’Hostis Alain LVMT (IFSTTAR)
Poulhes Alexis LVMT
Pupier Nicolas ENPC
Thebit Mariana Marçal  Bureau d’étude brésilien
Vidard Arthur MOISE
Mathieu Saujot IDDRI
Inês Cabrita STRATEC SA
E. Raoult AURG
Fabien Martinez AURG
charlotte.derome PI / Cofiroute
Jean-Baptiste CHESNEAU PI / Cofiroute
Rahim Aguejdad Labo Image Ville Environnement