7 nouveaux projets CominLabs selectionnés pour 2016

Lors du dernier Conseil d’Administration de CominLabs du 22 février 2016 , 7 propositions ont été retenues suite à l’appel à projets 2016:


BBC: Wireless interconnect network on chip or in board for broadcast-based parallel computing

Thierry Le Gouguec, Cédric Quendo, Jean-Philippe Diguet, Christian Roland, Olivier Sentieys, Dominique Morche LabSTICC/Dim (UBO), LabSTICC/IAS (UBS), LabSTICC/Mocs (CNRS,UBS), Centre Inria – Irisa/Cairn (Inria, Université Rennes 1), CEA-LETI Grenoble

BigClin: Big data analytics for unstructured clinical data

Vincent Claveau, Marc Cuggia, Yann Busnel, Emmanuelle Anceaume, Natalia Grabar IRISA-Centre Inria /LinkMedia,Dionysos,Cidre (CNRS, UR1, Ensai), LTSI/HBD (Université Rennes 1), STL (CNRS, Univ. Lille 3)

InterCom: Interactive communication: massive random access to subsets of compressed correlated data

Aline Roumy, Jean Dumoulin, Elsa Dupraz, Michel Kieffer Centre Inria /Sirocco,I4S (Inria), Lab-STICC/SC (Télécom Bretagne), L2S  (Univ. Paris Sud)

M5Hestia: mmW multi-user massive MIMO hybrid equipments for sounding, transmissions and hardware implementation

Maryline Hélard, Ronan Sauleau, François Gallée, Christian Gallard, Rodolphe Legouable IETR/Antenna,DCS (Insa Rennes, Université Rennes 1), LabSTICC/Dim (Télécom Bretagne) Orange Labs, IRT b<>com

PrivGen: Privacy-preserving sharing and processing of genetic data

Mario Südholt, Gouenou Coatrieux LINA-Centre INRIA/Ascola (EMN), LATIM (Télécom Bretagne), Inserm Brest, CNG-IG-CEA Labex GENMED

Profile: Analyzing and mitigating the risks of online profiling: Building a global perspective at the intersection of law, computer science and sociology

Marilyne Boizard, Benoît Baudry, Davide Frey, François Taiani, Tristan Allard, Florian Hémont IODE (Université Rennes 1), Centre INRIA – IRISA/ASAP,DiverSE (Inria, UR1), IRISA/Druid (Université Rennes 1), PREFICS (Université Rennes 2)

Rampart: Radiomics and modeling for toxicity and recurrence prediction in prostate cancer adaptive radiotherapy

Renaud de Crevoisier, Mathieu Hatt, Valérie Monbet  LTSI/Impact (Université Rennes 1), LATIM (Inserm, CHU Brest), IRMAR-Centre Inria/ASPI (Université Rennes 1) Labex Lebesgue

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