Jean-Louis LANET


LHS Laboratory / TAMIS team INRIA-Rennes 


Co-auteur : Abdelhak MESBAH


During this hand on session the students will learn how to discover the internals of a smart card. Then they will experiment how to write a shell code into this device and at the end they will be able to write self modifying Java code (which is theoritically impossible) and they will dump the content of the memory.


Jean-Louis Lanet is member of the Tamis research team at Inria where he manages the LHS. He was a full Professor in the Computer Science Department at University of Limoges 2007-2014. He was the team leader of SSD (Smart Secure Device) research team. Prior to that, he was a senior researcher at Gemplus Research Labs (1996-2007). During this period he spent two years at INRIA (Sophia-Antipolis) (2003-2005) as an engineer at DirDRI (Direction des Relations Industrielles) and as a senior research associate in the Everest team. He started his career as a researcher at Elecma, Electronic division of the Snecma, now a part of the Safran group (1984-1995) and his field of research was on jet engine control. His research interests include security of small systems like smart cards and software engineering.

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