Guillaume BOUFFARD



Title: Security of the Java Card Secure Elements


Secure elements (SE) are used to protect sensitive data or computed critical operations for our daily life. SEs can be either a smart card (as credit card or USIM card) or, recently a chip on your smartphone (used to pay, travel or call). Since the end of the 90’s, researchers try to extract SE’s secret information by side channel attacks. Another approach, a more cheaper one, aims at trying to evaluate the software security to find flaws to exploit. This presentation will focus on the SE’s software security where different software attacks will be introduced.


Guillaume Bouffard works as expert in security of embedded systems at the French National IT Security Agency (ANSSI) in the hardware security labs since November 2014. His research interests focus on security of embedded software. In October 2014, He defended his PhD thesis at the University of Limoges. His PhD thesis aims at modelling a generic approach to protect the Java Card smart card against the software attacks. The CNRS action “Smart Secure Objects and the Internet of Things” awarded him for his thesis. His thesis had been supervised by Pr. J-L. Lanet.

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