Damaris 1.8.0 is released

Version v1.8.0 of Damaris adds various changes to the library. Notably

  • New client code API calls damaris_get_type() and damaris_error_string()
  • HDF5 point selection code
  • Added classes for describing unstructured mesh data and sharing with Damaris
  • Damaris XML variable comments are written as HDF5 attributes of the dataset written
  • Bugfix for HDF5 FilePerProcess method when ghosts= attribute is used to describe ghost boundary data that should not be included in the HDF5 dataset

The new API calls have the following signatures and enable a basic kind of introspection into how the Damaris XML file elements are describing a data.

damaris_get_type(char* var_name, DAMARIS_TYPE_STR * vartype)
damaris_error_string(int ERROR_NUMBER)

The HDF5 select points methods have been added in support of the EuroHPC ACROSS project OPM Flow use case and allows the Damaris XML configuration element to reference another variable that specifies coordinates by which to order the data in the HDF5 file.

Further documentation is available on the Damaris wiki: Damaris-HDF5-Select-Points-Support

The unstructured mesh classes are found in the Damaris installation directory here include/damaris/util directory and a example (in development to add client side data) using Ascent via the Damaris python plugin is available in directory damaris/examples/unstructured_mesh/Ascent. Further details of use will be available on the Damaris wiki

Download is available from the Damaris download page.

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