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Investigating the Effects of Noise on a Cell-to-Cell Communication Mechanism for Structure Regeneration


Giordano Ferreira, Matthias Scheutz, Michael Levin


Date: Thursday 7 Sept
Talk Time: TBA
Session: Morphogenesis 10:30


morphogenesis, agent-based modeling, regeneration


In this paper we change a previous cell-to-cell communication mechanism of dynamic structure discovery and regeneration to account for the presence of noise that could change the route of messages transmitted across cells. We report results from a large amount of simulation runs that contains noise applied on the distance and direction of messages send out by cells. After the first analysis, we propose an activation mechanism in which missing cells need to receive various messages in order to be recreated. Due to the inherent redundancy of existent messages in the structure, this activation mechanism improved the performance of the model when there is noise on packets.

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