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Life-like collective behavior of multiple chemotactic droplets


Jitka Cejkova, Frantisek Stepanek, Takashi Ikegami


Date: Tuesday 5 Sept
Talk Time: TBA
Session: Physical artificial life 10:30


droplet, chemotaxis, collective behavior


Collective behavior, swarming and mutual interactions between living entities are well-known phenomena in biology where for example flocks of birds or schools of fish are extensively studied. The swarming has been observed also in bacteria or tumor cell populations. Also in non-living systems this kind of collective behavior can be implemented, namely in biologically-inspired swarm robotics. However, the investigation of collective chemical droplets (mutual interactions of multiple “liquid robots”) is a novel approach to understand swarming behavior and the present paper aims to study this problem experimentally. We will show how multiple decanol droplets in a thin layer of decanoate solution behave and interact. As well as single droplets perform chemotaxis-like movement in the presence of a salt gradient, the groups of droplets exhibit this behavior.

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