MICCAI MS and PET Segmentation Challenges

Challenges description

The aim of the “MICCAI 2016” challenges organized by FLI-IAM is to demonstrate the relevance of our # 2 scenario in real life and to exhibit how IT e-infrastructure is able to control the evaluation of segmentation algorithm on medical images. These challenges provide assess the state of the art segmentation methods with tools (services) provided by participants and running on data and infrastructure provided by the FLI-IAM node. The databases were provided by communities of users together with FLI-IAM : OFSEP for the competition in Multiple Sclerosis and the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM and its working group 211) for the  PET competition. The image processing solutions are uploaded by the participant to the FLI-IAM infrastructure and executed automatically to the data. The results are automatically recorded on the data server of FLI-IAM  infrastructure in addition with the  evaluation metrics. In summary, the FLI e-Infra is used for::

  • Host the imaging data of the challenges
  • Host and run the image processing tools of the challenges
  • Calculate the results of the challenges
  • Hosts the data processed by the different methods
  • Disseminate the results of the challenges

A web portal was implemented at that time to manage different aspects (of user authentication navigation in infrastructure services).


[1] OFSEP : Observatoire Français pour la Sclérose en Plaques (http://www.ofsep.org)

[2] ]http://aapm.org/org/structure/default.asp?committee_code=TG211

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Workshop France Life Imaging – JFR 2015

Workshop France Life Imaging – JFR 2015 – octobre 15th, 2015

Session IAM Node

“Which Challenges,which needs for  population imaging?”


Stimulate translational research by fostering interactions between radiologists and researchers


Researchers, Students in imaging, radiologists, industrilas


[gview file=”https://project.inria.fr/fli/files/2015/10/Programme-journée-FLI-JFR-2015-V4.pdf”]

Session 4 • Round Table FLI-­‐IAM : Which Challenges,which needs for population imaging?

  • Christian Barillot, CNRS-Inria Rennes “Introduction to FLI-IAM
    • [gview file=”https://project.inria.fr/fli/files/2015/10/FLI-IAM-JFR-day-151015.1.pdf”]
  • Bernard Mazoyer, GIN, Bordeaux “Neuroimaging in population:: challenges and issues in health
    • [gview file=”https://project.inria.fr/fli/files/2015/10/B-Mazoyer-20151015JFRNIPOP.pdf”]
  •  Pierre Mouillard, Vigisys, Toulouse “Population imaging – technical aspects and industry
    • [gview file=”https://project.inria.fr/fli/files/2015/10/P-Mouillard-population-imaging-SFR-10-2015.pptx.pdf”]
  • Jean-­‐Gabriel Ganascia, UPMC-­‐LIP6, Paris: “Ethical issues in processing large data bases in health
    • [gview file=”https://project.inria.fr/fli/files/2015/10/Ganascia-aspects-éthiques-et-traitement-numérisé-de-larges-bases-de-données.pdf”]
  • Round Table  chaired by  Jean-­‐François Chateil, Michel Dojat
    • [gview file=”https://project.inria.fr/fli/files/2015/10/FLI-IAM-JFR-day-Round-Table.pdf”]


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MAPPING Workshop Program

MICCAI MAPPING workshop Program and Proceedings are Online

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Miccai MAPPING Workshop: Deadline Extension

Submission deadline for the MAPPING workshop has been extended to June 21st

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Miccai MAPPING Workshop – Submission Opened

The MAPPING workshop has been accepted by the MICCAI 2015 conference as an official satellite workshop of the Miccai International Conference

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Job offers still pending

  • France Life Imaging (FLI) – Information Analysis and Management (IAM) Still 1 open engineering position to complete a nationwide development team

  • Link to the position call

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FLI-IAM Workshop on Open and Big Data for Life Imaging, March 30th 2015

  • Monday March 30th 2015 from 9:30 to 17:00 Paris Aviesan Workshop:

    Workshop on “Open and Big Data for Life Imaging”

    Program and minutes from the presentations and discussions :

  • [gview file=”https://project.inria.fr/fli/files/2015/04/Minutes-OpenBigData_2015.pdf” save=”1″]

Links to the presentations:

List of participants

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Joint workshop SFRMBM – FLI-IAM, March, 17th 2015

  • Tuesday March 17th 2015 – 14h00 à 16h30 Grenoble GIN  :

Round Table: What do people need in terms of management of information in magnetic résonance imaging in biology and medicine?

Free registration (but mandatory due to limited seats), contact Michel Dojat

More information about the program:

Table Ronde SFRMBM_2015-image 2

Stands of FLI-IAM at the SFRMBM conference – Grenoble 18-20 March 2015

IMG_2425 IMG_2427


  • FLIIAM Poster : [gview file=”https://project.inria.fr/fli/files/2015/03/FLI-IAM_SFRMBM_Poster_2015.pptx.pdf”]
  • Shanoir Poster: [gview file=”https://project.inria.fr/fli/files/2015/03/Poster_Shanoir-OFSEP-FLI-SFRMBM15.pdf”]
  • ArchiMed Poster : [gview file=”https://project.inria.fr/fli/files/2015/03/ArchiMed3Poster.pdf”]
  • VIP Poster : [gview file=”https://project.inria.fr/fli/files/2015/03/VIP-poster.pdf”]
  • Flyer MedInria : [gview file=”https://project.inria.fr/fli/files/2015/03/MedInria_plaquette_octobre2014.pdf”]
  • CATI Poster  : [gview file=”https://project.inria.fr/fli/files/2015/04/Poster-CATI.pdf”]

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French Congress of Radiology October 16th, 2014

Journée France Life Imaging – JFR 2014


Stimuler la recherche translationnelle en favorisant les interactions entre les radiologues et les chercheurs


Chercheurs et étudiants en imagerie, radiologues.



Session 1 • Présentation de France Life Imaging

09h15 – 10h00 FLI : Etat des lieux et investissements futurs Régine TREBOSSEN / Franck LETHIMONNIER 10h00 – 10h10 Présentation de l’offre de formation FLI Vivienne FARDEAU

Session 2 • Formation « Etat de l’art en imagerie »

10h30 – 11h15 11h15 – 12h00 12h00 – 12h45

IRM haut-champs, petit animal / clinique Nouveaux outils échographiques Scanner spectral

Lori BRIDAL et Nathalie LASSAU

Session 3 • Table ronde Noeud IAM : Quel(s) besoin(s) en traitement de l’information pour la recherche clinique en imagerie ?

14h00 – 16h30

  • Gestion de données d’imagerie pour la recherche : le point de vue du radiologue, Jean-François CHATEIL
  • Difficultés techniques au quotidien avec les données d’imagerie, Philippe PUECH
  • IAM : l’action transversale de gestion de données et d’outils de France Life Imaging, Christian BARILLOT, Michel DOJAT
  • Débat : Adéquation des actions FLI en cours et des besoins des utilisateurs radiologues

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