[12/12/2014] Arijit GHOSH, Max Planck Institute – “Survey of Recent Results in Combinatorial Discrepancy”

[27/11/2014] Alfredo HUBARD, Inria Sophia – “Introduction to Ramsey Theorem”

[05/11/2014] Vissarion FISIKOPOULOS, University of Athens  – “Volume and Edge-Skeleton Computation in High-Dimensions”

[30/10/2014] Kira VYATKINA, Saint Petersburg Academic University – “Analysis of Protein Samples by de Novo Sequencing Techniques”

[27-29/10/2014] First Gudhi Workshop – Inria Sophia Antipolis

[27/10/2014] Dmitriy MOROZOV, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab – “ Geometric Analysis of Flexible Quartzitic Rock Microstructure”

[07/10/2014] Xavier GOAOC, LIGM, UPEM –  “Formules simplifiées pour l’inclusion exclusion”

[21/05/2014] Antoine VIGNERON, KAUST “Faster algorithms for computing the straight skeleton of a polygon”

[19/05/2014] Kunal DUTTA, MPI “Counting independent sets in Hypergraphs ”

[15/05/2014] David CANINO, University of Genova “The Mangrove TDS Library ”

[03/04/2014] Irène DONATO, DISMA – Politecnico di Torino – “Persistent Homology: a Topological Tool for Network Structural Hole Detection” 

[12/04/2014] Alfredo HUBARD, Université Paris-Est – Lab. Gaspard Monge – “Discrete Systolic Inequalities”

[24/02/2014] Mickael BUCHET, INRIA Saclay – “Approximating the Distance to Measure and Higher Order Voronoi Diagrams”