[05/11/2015] Mathijs WINTRAECKEN, Inria Sophia – “Riemnannian centers of mass and riemannian barycentric coordinates”

[20-24/10/2015] Workshop Gudhi/Top Data, IGESA Porquerolles, Var

[27/07/2015] Arijit GHOSH, Max Planck Institute – “Polynomial partitioning method as introduced by Guth-Katz to almost solve Erdos distanct distance problem”

[10/06/2015] Clément MARIA, The University of Queensland, Brisbane – “Quantum invariants of knots and 3-manifolds”

[20/05/2015] Dominique ATTALI, Gipsa-Lab – “Geometry driven collapses for converting a Cech complex into a triangulation of a nicely triangulable shape”

[26-30/01/2015] Winter School on Algorithmic Geometry of Triangulations – Inria Sophia Antipolis