A new Math AmSud project between Inria and LNCC on numerical strategies for multi-query problems, 2021-2022

The MATH AmSud Steering Committee meeting on 18, 19, 20 November 2020, approved the EOLIS project (Efficient Off-LIne numerical Strategies for multi-query problems). It involves Inria, represented by Théophile Chaumont from the Atlantis Project-Team, LNCC with the PI Frederic Valentin and UdeC (Universidad de Concepcion, Chile) featuring the researcher Manuel Solano. It will start on January 2021 for a two years duration. This work targets multi-query problems that involve the solution of a parametrized boundary value problem (BVP) for a set of parameters. Notable examples include parameter identification, optimal design and uncertainty quantification, each having concrete applications.

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