RISC2: New European H2020 project (2021-2022) between Europe and Latin America in HPC

RISC2 project is a new European project which has the participation of 8 European and 8 Latin American partners. Participating on the Brazilian side are LNCC  and COPPE / UFRJ, which host two of the largest supercomputers in Latin America for research – Santos Dumont from LNCC and Lobo Carneiro from COPPE / UFRJ. The general coordination of the project is the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (Spain), which also has heavyweights in the area of ​​HPC in Europe,

The project aims to finance training and cooperation events between the two communities, which will be organized in four Latin American countries, over the course of two years of the project. In addition, it will facilitate remote access to HPC training resources existing in the two communities, as well as the transfer of acquired knowledge to researchers and technologists working in different areas of knowledge.

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