STIC AmSud Seminar: SafeCityMap project between LNCC and Inria presented by Artur Ziviani, researcher at LNCC

In November 18, 2020, Artur Ziviani (LNCC) delivered an invited presentation entitled “SafeCityMap project” of the Inria COVID mission: Human mobility leveraging against COVID in the Scientific Seminars of STIC-AmSud, held online from Peru with the thematic ICT Applied to Health: Covid-19. The project has been developed under a collaboration of Inria with LNCC involving also as main researchers Aline Viana (Inria Tribe team) and Razvan Stanica (Inria Agora team).

This work builds upon knowledge that has been partially created during two previous STIC-AmSud projects between Inria and LNCC: MOTif (Mobile phone sensing of human dynamics in techno-social environment) project from 2018 to 2019, and UCOOL (Understanding and predicting human demanded content and mob) from 2014 to 2015.

The main goal of CityMap is to determine urban areas with associated risk factor for epidemics propagation on the basis of data (which are not collected but simply used). It is helpful to validate epidemics propagation models, easy to integrate in post-lockdown itineraries and could guide public policies in post-lockdown scenarios. This project represents an essential tool if a stop-and-go strategy is implemented.

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