Two new Associate Teams between LNCC and Inria

In the framework of the Associate Teams 2021 Call, the partnership between Inria and LNCC was one of the priorities and the two joint projects submitted were selected !

Congratulations !

The 1st one, HPCProSol- Next-generation HPC PROblems and SOLutions- is an Associate Team coordinated by Carla Osthoff from LNCC and Francieli Zanon-Boito from Inria TADAAM team.

In the context of the convergence of HPC and big data, the notion of scientific application is evolving into a scientific workflow, composed of cpu-intensive and data-intensive tasks. In this new scenario, the already challenging problems of efficiently managing resources are expected to become worse and should be tackled by better scheduling at application and system levels, and consider applications’ characteristics to avoid issues such as interference. They propose a collaboration between the TADaaM Inria team and the LNCC to study and characterize the new HPC workload, represented by a set of scientific applications that are important to the LNCC. This will guide the proposal of monitoring and profiling techniques for applications, and the design of new coordination mechanisms to arbitrate resources in HPC environments.

The 2nd one, SusAIN (Towards a Sustainable Artificial Intelligence) also starts in 2021 and gathers Mariza Ferro and Bruno Schulze from LNCC, Romain Rouvoy, French PI from Inria project- team SPIRALS and Nayat Sanchez-Pi and Luis Marti from Inria Chile.

The SusAIn associate-team composed of this plurisciplinary group of researchers across France, Chile and Brazil addresses the challenge of reducing the power consumption of artificial intelligence algorithms deployed in the context of high performance computing. By combining the unique scientific expertise on this critical topic for the environment, they intend to leverage the existing hardware and software infrastructures to delivers new tools and recommendations for the scientific community on the appropriate design and deployment of sustainable AI algorithms.

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