ITSSv6 builds on existing standards from ETSI, ISO and IETF and IPv6 software available from the CVIS and GeoNet projects. The IPv6 lTS station stack provided by ITSSv6 supports at least 802.11p and 2G/3G media types and is configured differently according to the role played by the ITS station (roadside, vehicle, central).

Implemented IPv6 features specific to the Vehicle ITS station include NEMO and MCoA to maintain Internet continuity over multiple medias and IPv6 GeoNetworking for multi-hop communications between Vehicle and Roadside ITS stations over 802.11p. The IPv6 ITS station stack will be tested in relevant EU or National Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems’ Field Operational Tests (Cooperative ITS FOTs) and projects.

Project Tasks

The tasks of ITSSv6 tasks are to:

  • Gather third party users into a common User Forum to collect user’s requirements.
  • Enhance existing IPv6-related ITS station standards and specification of missing features.
  • Implement IPv6-related ITS station standards.
  • Validate the implementation and assess its performance.
  • Port the IPv6 ITS station stack to selected third party platforms.
  • Support third parties in the use of the IPv6 ITS station stack