Plateform design


The platform architecture is composed of 3 boards: a high powerful digital board,

Figure 5-1: Platform design

an analog RF board and a specific 60 GHz board integrating the antenna arrays (cf. Figure 5-1).

The Multi-RAT b<>com platform is a small equipment (210mmx160mm) that allows RX/TX on multiple bands and in particular, on the 60GHz band (cf. Figure 5-2).


  • Two FPGAs Arria 10 GX660
  • 2 Dual ADCs with sampling rate > 1.5 GHz
  • 2 Dual DACswith sampling rate > 1.5 GHz

    Figure 5-2: Multi-RAT b<>com Platform

  • 50MHz – 10,5GHz RF frontend
  • 4Gb DDR4
  • 24 high speed optical links ( For instance: aggregate data coming from other Multi-RAT equipment )
  • 2 Giga Ethernet links
  • 2 USB links
  • 1 expansion port for general purpose daughter board.

Internal architecture

Figure 5-3: Equipment internal architecture

The multi-RAT platform has a very powerful clock generator. Frequencies can be generated with steps lower than milli Hz.

ADC and DAC are high performance Analog Devices chips. Their sample rate can go up to 2GSPS.

Below is presented the internal architecture of the equipment that shows the capabilities of the platform to aggregate multi-bands for multi-connectivity services transmission for both Tx and Rx sides.





References to the b<>com platform and digital IP baseband processing

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