RF Tx/Rx Analog Front End

Supported Spectrum

The RF frontend has two local oscillators that allows reception and transmission on 2 bands of 900MHz in both UHF and SHF frequency bands.

It has also a 60 GHz frontend that allows transmission/reception in the 60GHz band. Below is presented the supported spectrum by the RF frontend:

Figure: Supported spectrum

The main objective is to integrate the antenna arrays provided by IMT-A in the RF mmWaves board. The synoptic of the Tx and Rx Analog front-ends are depicted below. The first objective is to pilot 2 main beams focusing user’s direction for video transmission.

Several technical locks @60 GHz:
  • Integration process
  • RF branches calibration
  • RF branches mismatches
  • RF Interference
  • RF losses …


Tx mmWave Analog Front End

Rx mmWave Analog Front End

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