In’Tro (29 mars 2021, 13h20) : Interactive and Multimedia Storytelling – Helen Hui-Yin Wu (Biovison)

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The computational study of storytelling helps us understand and develop new technologies and media that can change the way we create, share, and experience multi-sensory information. Nowadays, interactive storytelling technologies are finding their place beyond entertainment to have wider social implications such as in serious games for training and rehabilitation, interactive journalism, and multimedia curation.

This talk gives an overview of my previous and ongoing work in the context of interactive and multimedia storytelling. The first part focuses on cinematographic storytelling: tools for the analysis and creation of content for film and 3D media. The second part will then turn towards ongoing research themes on understanding human visual attention, and creating attention-driven content for virtual 3D environments targeted towards low-vision rehabilitation, accessibility, and other extended applications.

Short Bio

Dr. Hui-Yin (Helen) Wu is a research scientist in the Biovision team of Inria Sophia-Antipolis. Her current work evolves around the study and development of attention-driven models for 3D content creation.
She conducted her PhD in the MimeTIC team of Inria Rennes under the supervision of Dr. Marc Christie, on the topic of logic control for interactive stories and intelligent cinematographyfor 3D virtual environments. This was followed by a teaching fellow in the University of Rennes 1, a post-doc in the Games and Visual Narrative Lab of North Carolina State University, and a second post-doc in the Biovision team, during which she worked on a joint attention-based automated editing system and accessible news reading design in virtual reality for low-vision patients. 





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