In’Tro (7 mars 2022, 1.30pm) : Reasoning with Ontologies on Knowledge Graphs – David Carral (GRAPHIK)

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In a couple of days, I will be giving you a short intro presentation, which is structured in three parts:

  1. First, I will tell you a bit about my career and research interests. More precisely, I will talk about the researchers and institutions with whom and where I have worked, respectively; as well as the venues where I usually publish.
  2. Second, I will describe and provide a high-level motivation for my research. The goal provide an accessible introduction to the work I do and try to convince you of its usefulness.
  3.  Finally, I will  also provide you with some links and materials to know more about my work (in case you’re interested!). I will also leave my contact information so you can ask me any questions directly.

Slides of the presentation


Hi! My name is David Carral and I am a CRCN researcher working in the GraphIK Inria team, which is based in Montpellier. Broadly speaking, I am interested in the study of logical languages (mostly first-order logic, existential rules, and Description Logics) and their theoretical/computational properties. Moreover, I am also interested in the implementation of efficient reasoning algorithms for these logical languages. For more information about what I am doing these days, have a look at my website:






The presentation will be in English on BBB

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