Complex Networks: from theory to interdisciplinary applications

Motivation and Aims

We aim here at a satellite workshop presenting the state of the art of the research in complex networks in two directions. First we would like to provide an overview about the latest advances in theoretical network science. Two directions will be specifically considered:

  1.  multiplex and multilayer networks ­ where multiple types of nodes and links are allowed in the networks’ structure, and
  2. temporal networks, where the time­varying nature of the network is considered, with temporal interactions and evolving node set.

Moreover, we aim to address the most recent applications of network theory in several domains. Focus areas concern epidemiology, computational social science, studies of the brain, transportation systems, etc. The tentative list of invited speakers reflects the choice of theoretical and applied focus points of the workshop.


The goal of the workshop is to bridge theory and applications of network science. This workshop will provide a venue to bring researchers together from theoretical and applied research to help the application of the most recent theoretical results and methodologies in different disciplines and application domains.

More information on the web site of the conference.

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