Practical details 2018

Open exchange of ideas, freedom of thought and expression, and respectful scientific debate are central to the goals of PAISS 2018. This requires a community and an environment that recognizes and respects the inherent worth of every person. The summer school commits itself to providing an experience for all participants that is free from harassment, bullying, discrimination, and retaliation. If you have concerns related to your inclusion at PAISS 2018, or observe someone else’s difficulties, or have any other concerns related to inclusion, please contact the organizers at

Shuttle bus

For those of you who signed up for the shuttle bus, they will depart from the Grenoble train station (right in front of Hotel Terminus) in the mornings, and will arrive at the same location in the afternoons/evenings.

The journey time is approximately 30minutes. Note the early departure on the first day. Shuttles will also be provided on the 5th July from Inria to the gala event at NAVER LABS Europe. The return shuttle to the train station on the 5th July will be at the end of the gala event (around 10:00pm).

Day Departure time (Hotel Terminus/Train station) Departure time (Inria)
2 July 8:00 am 6:15 pm
3 July 8:45 am 8:00 pm (after wine & cheese)
4 July 8:45 am 6:15 pm
5 July 8:45 am 10:00 pm (from NAVER LABS after the gala)
6 July 8:45 am 4:15 pm


Practical sessions

To fully participate in the three practical sessions you will need to bring your laptop. Please ensure that you have sufficient battery power for the 1.5 hour session on each of the three days (Monday, Thursday, Friday). We will send instructions to download the required material the week before the school, to avoid last minute wifi issues.


Social events

2nd July: Welcome reception at Bastille

The return shuttle will drop you off at the train station around 6:45pm. Each participant will be given a return ticket for the cable car to access the reception venue. The cable car is accessible from here. The reception starts from 7:30pm, which gives you time to take the cable car up to the venue. The return ticket is valid until 11:30pm on 2nd July.

3rd July: Wine and cheese at Inria

The wine and cheese event at Inria is scheduled from 4:30pm to 7:45pm. This allows students to present and discuss their work with the other participants. Wine, cheese and other snacks will be provided. Note that this is not a full dinner. Shuttles will depart Inria at 8:00pm.

5th July: Gala event at NAVER LABS Europe

Shuttles will take you to NAVER LABS from Inria at 6:15pm. The gala event starts at 6:30pm, and will continue till about 10:00pm. The return shuttles to the train station will depart around 10:00pm.



Lunch will be provided on all the days for participants who have paid the registration fees. This will be at the cafeteria a few minutes away from Inria.


Alternative transport

We recommend you use the organized shuttles to save time. However, if you wish, or if you miss the shuttle on any of the days, it is possible to come to Inria on public transport. The C1 bus drops you close to Inria (stop name: Maupertuis, the last stop; see It is a 15min walk to Inria from this bus stop. An alternative is to use the Express 1 or Express 2, and the 6070 services (see transisere for details).


Hotels recommended

Grenoble offers a variety of accommodation options. You can either select one yourself or choose one from the list below (with negotiated prices). In either case, we will be providing transportation daily from the Grenoble train station to Inria (at the start and the end of each day).

Close to Grenoble train station / shuttle bus to Inria :

Hotel Ibis Centre Bastille

  • Ibis Centre Bastille,
    • 5 minutes walk from the shuttle bus to Inria,
    • 3 stars hotel
    • close to the city center and the railway station
    • 95 euros Book here
  • Novotel,
    • 5 minutes walk from the shuttle bus to Inria,

      Hotel Novotel Grenoble

    • 4 stars hotel
    • close to the railway station and 3 tramway stop from down town
    • 115€ / 145€ per night  Book here


If you are coming by car

Appart city Montbonnot

  • Appart City Confort Grenoble Innovallée
    • 3 stars hotel, with a swiming pool
    • 10 mn walks from Inria, where PAISS session will take place
    • 72 €/85€ per night book here
  • Mercure

    Mercure Meylan

    • 4 stars hotel with a swiming pool
    • in Meylan; the shuttle can pickup/drop-off here also if you inform us
    • 105 euros per night Book here

Other hotel close to Grenoble Down Town

  • Hotel Gambetta: reservation through email or phone mentioning INRIA PAISS 2018 (valid from 1st to 7th July). Prices ranging from 48 euros to 90 euros per night.
  • OKKO Hotel: with code: OKKOINRIA34 (valid from 1st July to 7th July). 102 euros per night with breakfast.



If you need a letter of support for your visa application to attend the summer school, you will be able to request for one through the registration webpage.


All the locations are marked in the map below.

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