Program 2018

Lecture slides

Léon Bottou: Artificial Intelligence – Unsupervised Learning and Causation (pdf)

Kyunghyun Cho: Neural Machine Translation (pptx)

Hugo Larochelle: Generalizing from few examples with meta-learning (pdf)

Diane Larlus, Visual Search (pdf)

Yann LeCun, Deep Learning: Past, Present and Future (pdf)

Nicolas Mansard, Motion generation for agile robots (pdf)

Julien Mairal, Large-Scale Optimization for Machine Learning (pdf)

Remi Munos, Off-policy deep RL (pdf)

Julien Perez, Machine Reading, Models and Applications (pdf)

Jean Ponce, Weakly Supervised and Unsupervised Methods for Image and Video Interpretation (pptx)

Cordelia Schmid, Action recognition (part 1, part 2)

Andrew Zisserman, Self-Supervised Learning (pdf)

Other lecture slides will be made available shortly.



The schedule for the summer school is given below. In addition to lectures, the scientific program will consist of three practical sessions led by PRAIRIE industry members: Criteo on reinforcement learning, Facebook on PyTorch, and NAVERLABS Europe. Three social events will also be organized: a welcome reception at the Bastille, with spectacular views over the Alps, a gala dinner at a castle hosted by NAVERLABS Europe, and a wine and cheese evening (with posters).

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