Monday 21st november 2022 – INRIA
Mireille Bossy INRIA Sophia Antipolis

Title : Stochastic approach for reduced models in numerics for fluid mechanics. Application to wind time series.

Summary : During this presentation, I will introduce the fluid particle method for turbulent CFD. This physical model is Lagrangian and stochastic. These two particularities help us to construct from the 3D+time equations a 0D+time model for the time series of the measured wind local variability. I will also give some results on the model calibration. It represents the uncertainty on the 3D physical equation parametrization. As an illustration, I will show the short-term prediction of the “wind variance”. Finally, I will give some stochastic equations analysis elements that are obtained and for which we study the scheme convergence (mandatory for the calibration) as well as some stability properties for the exact and approached solutions.

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