Thematic days and Workshops organized or co-organized by the CDS:

  • 06/06/2014: Workshop on spatial statistics in economy.
  • 30/06/2014: Paris-Saclay Center for Data Science kick-off meeting.
  • 25/11/2014: Open Scientific Data day
  • 13/12/2014: HEPML workshop an NIPS’14.
  • 30/03/2015: NVIDIA/CDS/UPSaclay meeting.
  • 17/04/2015: Data science in particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology.
  • 11/06/2015: AutoML workshop at ICML’15.
  • 26/10/2015: Open Software Initiative (OSI) day
  • 24/11/2015: The “Data Science” session at the Big Data Business Convention of Paris-Saclay.
  • 22/01/2016: CosmoStat day on machine learning in Astrophysics.
02/02/2016: Wikidata for science day.

Invited seminars:

  • 19/01/2015: Isabelle Guyon: “The AutoML challenge”.
  • 20/01/2015: Damien Ernst, “Microgrids and their destructuring effects on the electrical industry”.
  • 09/03/2015: Prabhu Ramachandran: “From Teaching to 3D Data Visualization with Python and Mayavi”.
  • 26/03/2015: Gábor Lugosi: “Looking for Adam in a tree”.
  • 15/06/2015: Claire Monteleoni: “Climate Informatics: Recent Advances and Challenge Problems for Machine Learning in Climate Science”.
  • 30/06/2015: Evelyne Viegas: “Democratization of data-driven research”.

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