Large-Scale Empirical Software Engineering Research using GitHub Data (Marco Tulio Valente)

Prof. Marco Tulio Valente from UFMG, Brazil

will give a talk about : Large-Scale Empirical Software Engineering Research using GitHub Data

on Thursday 15th December 2016, 13h30, in room INRIA B31 (the warm one)

GitHub has in recent years become the world’s largest
collection of open source software, with around 9
million users and 17 million public repositories.
These numbers make GitHub an invaluable source of
data for large-scale research in empirical software engineering.
In this talk, we describe recent research conducted
in our group, using GitHub data. For example,
we are using GitHub to understand and predict the
popularity of open source projects, to understand
the motivations behind refactoring, to assess the
concentration of knowledge in software teams, and
to study the evolution of software APIs.


Marco Tulio Valente received his PhD degree in Computer Science
from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil (2002),
where he is an assistant professor in the Computer Science Department,
since 2010. His research interests include software architecture
and modularity, software maintenance and evolution, and
software quality analysis. He is a “Researcher I-D” of the Brazilian
National Research Council (CNPq). He also holds a “Researcher
from Minas Gerais State” scholarship, from FAPEMIG. Currently,
he heads the Applied Software Engineering Research Group
(ASERG), at DCC/UFMG, Brazil.