Program Comprehension with Moose and Hapax

Title: Program Comprehension with Moose and Hapax
Presenter: Gustavo Santos (Federal University of Minas Gerais – Brazil)
When: November 15th 2013 at 10h
Where: B31

Software visualization techniques have been proposed to improve program comprehension, as large system get difficult to understand and maintain. This talk presents the integration of Hapax with Moose. Hapax is a plugin that extracts textual information in identifiers and comments of a software, and presents it in a Distribution Map. This visualization compares the physical structure (i.e., namespaces or packages) with the textual structure (i.e., clusters of conceptually similar classes). Hapax was originally developed by Adrian Kuhn in 2007. The integration Moose-Hapax was developed by Gustavo Santos, in his two-month internship in RMoD-INRIA.