Requirements-Driven Mediation for Collaborative Security

When: Tuesday, December 16th 15th at 11h30.
Where: Inria Lille B21.
What: Requirements-Driven Mediation for Collaborative Security

Collaborative security exploits the capabilities of the components available in the ubiquitous computing environment in order to protect assets from intentional harm. By dynamically composing the capabilities of multiple components, collaborative security implements the security controls by which requirements are satisfied. However, this dynamic composition is often hampered by the heterogeneity of the components available in the environment and the diversity of their behaviours.

In this talk I will first present an approach for the automated synthesis of mediators that reconcile the differences between the interfaces of the components and coordinate their behaviours from the application down to the middleware layers. Then, I will present a systematic, tool-supported approach for collaborative security based on a combination of feature modelling and mediator synthesis. I will show how we used the FICS (Feature-driven MedIation for Collaborative Security) tool to make two robots—a humanoid robot and a vacuum cleaner—collaborate in order to protect a mobile phone from theft.

Amel Bennaceur ( is a Research Associate at the Open University, UK. She received the PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Paris VI in July 2013. Her research interests include dynamic mediator synthesis for interoperability and collaborative security.