Seminar with VUB

On Friday 3rd May 2019, several researchers from the SoftLab VUB are coming to present their work. Some members of the RMod team will also present theirs.

The workshop will occur in the Amphi of Inria B Building.

First idea of the schedule:

Speech from RMod team:
– short Extracting Information From Ticket databases (Honore Mahugnon)
– Designing language-agnostic code transformation engines (Jason Lecerf)
– Migration GWT Angular (Benoit Verhaeghe)
– short DrTests (Dayne Lorena Guerra Calle)
– Rotten Green Tests (Stephane Ducasse)
– Database recommandation (Julien Delplanque)
– About Software naturalness: Title please (Oleksandr Zaitsev)
– Improving Cherry-Picking Changes: How to get fruits from longer branches (Pablo Tesone)
– Object Miners: capturing objects for object-centric debugging (Steven Costiou)
– A steppable debugger for micro kernel (Carolina Hernadez-Philips)
Speech from VUB
-Mining library usage with machine learning (Camilo Velazquez)
-Mining framework extensions for recommendation patterns  (Dario Dinucci)
– Validating Program Merges (Ward Muylaert)
– A (Debuggable) Live Programming Framework for Big Data Applications. (Matteo Marra)
– Non-deterministic Debugging for Non-deterministic Programs (Carmen Torres)