Using Feature Model to build Model Transformation Chains

On Friday 28 September 2012, 14:00-14:30 INRIA Lille room B31 (new building), Anne Etien (LIFL) will give a talk on “Using Feature Model to build Model Transformation Chains”
Abstract: Model transformations are intrinsically related to model-driven engineering. According to the increasing size of standardised meta-model, large transformations need to be developed to cover them. Several approaches promote separation of concerns in this context, that is, the definition of small transformations in order to master the overall com- plexity. Unfortunately, the decomposition of transformations into smaller ones raises new issues: organising the increasing number of transformations and ensuring their composition (i.e. the chaining). In this paper, we propose to use feature models to classify model transformations ded- icated to a given business domain. Based on this feature models, automated techniques are used to support the designer, according to two axis: (i) the definition of a valid set of model transformations and (ii) the generation of an executable chain of model transformation that ac- curately implement designer’s intention. This approach is validated on Gaspard2, a tool dedicated to the design of embedded system.