Review of the devices for experimentation

We did a review of the devices available:

20140710_155717_HDR 20140710_155936_HDR 20140710_160630_HDR 20140710_162800_HDR

Sensing Equipement Quantity
Model Reference
Eye tracking Tobii-Eye Tracker 2x Tobii-TX300
Eye tracking Tobii-Glasses 2x Tobii-glasses
Eye tracking Tobii-Eye Tracker 1x Tobii-T60
Conductivity BIOPAC 1x BIOPAC-M150
Conductivity PROCOMP-INFINITI 1x(attached to the white coat) SA7500
EEG Emotiv-EPOC 1x (2nd is in reparation) Model 1.0
EEG B-Alert 1x B-Alert x24

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