Access request rework in Shanoir: A public catalog for more FAIRness

Shanoir is trying to be more FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable), we are currently developing features for studies to be able to respect these, while keeping our security on top level.

A new catalog of public studies is now available at the start page of Shanoir. You can easily join these “public” studies.

Any user that want to join one of these studies can join by clicking on the “Access Request” button, or if they already have an account, from the study list while connected.

On the same time, as a study manager, you can publish your study in the catalog to facilitate the access tot he data and augment the visibility.
This don’t mean that all the data will be public, but users will be able to request an access to the study. As a study admin, you can then manage who has access or not to your study.
The study can also be protected by a Data User Agreement (DUA) that any user will have to sign before accessing the data.

How to configure your study to appear in the catalog ?

On study detail, you have to check the “visible by default” check, and describe your study in the “public description”:

You can also edit study tags that will appear on the catalog in “Tags” tab:

Don’t bother asking us questions if you have any doubt !

Shanoir developers team.

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