Shanoir Toolkit

ShanoirTk is a tool to access a Shanoir server from the command line.

Download the latest version of ShanoirTk here: ShanoirTk-0.3.1-bin

Updated on the 20.07.2018

First example, download meta-data:
./ -host -port 443 -user user -password password -id 1 -json
Result: “[FindStudy] {“id”:1,”name”:”study”,”type”:”Clinical”,”status”:”1″,”startDate”:”2016-01-01T00:00:00+01:00″,”endDate”:””}”
You specify which server you want to access and enter your credentials and give the studyId of your interest.

Second example, download images (NIfTI or DICOM):

./ -host -port 443 -user user -password “password” -datasetId 1” (NIfTI download example)

./ -host -port 443 -user user -password “password” -datasetId 1 -formatId 6” (DICOM download example)

All the below command line tools are available currently:

  • Download a dataset
  • Find MrDataset
  • Find Subject
  • List References
  • Find Study
  • Find Center
  • Find Investigator
  • Find Experimental Group
  • Find Dataset
  • Find Examination
  • Find Dataset Processing
  • Import Dataset
  • Find DatasetAcquisition
  • Upload Processed Dataset
  • Import Dicom

Shanoir Uploader for Neurinfo (without the pseudonymus) could be downloaded here soon.

Feel free to contact us if you experience any problems with your installation.

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