New feature: Tags in Shanoir

The idea of this feature is to allow users to put specific labels on subjects with colored tags. These tags can convey informations such as clinical scores of relevant information to discriminate subjects.
Then the user will be able to filter subjects using these tags.

Usage example:

I have a 100 patients on Shanoir after a study on traumatic brain injury:

  • 30 Healthy patients
  • 30 Patients with an initial glasgow > 9
  • 40 Patients with an initial glasgow < 9

Among these patients, some of them have visible trauma on the image, some haven’t. I want to be able to easily visualize/download my data according to this criteria.
This will allow us to train algorithm on healthy patients first, then on “Glasgow > 9” with no “visible trauma” patients, then on “Glasgow < 9” patients.

Step 1: Define tags on study

Define 4 tags “Healthy patient”, “Glasgow < 9”, “Glasgow > 9”, “Visible trauma” on the concerned study.

Step 2: Tags subjects

Label your subjects with adapted tags.

Step 3: Filters Datasets using adapted tags

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