Start-up: XtremeLogic among the winners of NETVA 2015 edition

© cacarootThe start-up XtremeLogic has been selected in the framework of the NETVA program.

NETVA  allows young French innovative companies to effectively address the North American market in their specific industry. The selected companies receive both entrepreneurial training and practice during a week long immersion in the United States or Canada.The companies will also be supported and accompanied by one or two local mentors  in order to establish a lasting relationship with North American partners.

XtremeLogic is a new start-up offering next generation green high-performance computing on FPGAs with up to 100 times better performance/cost ratio than existing solutions.
The start-up markets are: financial (risk analysis, data processing, HFT), military, security, numerical simulations (weather, aerodynamics, meteorological etc.), automotive (driver assistance), industrial (image analysis of the products on the production line) and many others.

XtremLogic products are based on more than 2 decades of research at LIP Laboratory at ENS Lyon and Inria.

The start-up was co-founded by Inria researcher Christophe Alias, and Alexandru Plesco who was the Startup Project Manager and is now XtremeLogic CEO/CTO.

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