Focus on a joint research project: DALHIS

DALHIS (Since 2013)

Data analysis on large-scale heterogeneous infrastructures for science

Principal Investigators :

  • Dr. Christine Morin, MYRIADS project-team, Inria Rennes – Bretagne Atlantique
  • Dr. Deb Agarwal, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California Berkeley

Research objectives:

DALHIS-IllustrationDALHIS is creating a software ecosystem to facilitate seamless data analysis across desktops, HPC and cloud environments. The goal is to build a dynamic software stack that is user-friendly, scalable, energy efficient and fault tolerant.
Research areas span:
  • Programming environment for scientific data analysis workflows: An integrated capability that will allow users to easily compose their workflows in a programming environment such as Python and execute them on diverse high performance computing (HPC) and cloud resources.
  • Adaptive orchestration layer: The adaptation model will use real-time data mining to support elasticity, fault-tolerance, energy efficiency and provenance.
  • Infrastructure support for HPC, clusters and cloud systems: The research will determine how to provide execution environments that allow users to seamlessly execute their dynamic data analysis workflows in various research environments and scales.

Scientific achievements:

  • Evaluation of the performance/energy efficiency trade-off of Hadoop run on physical and virtual clusters for two deployment modes: collocated data and compute services and dedicated data nodes separated from compute nodes.
  • Development and evaluation of a chemical runtime support for TIGRES high-level specification of scientific workflows.
  • Evaluation of FRIEDA flexible robust intelligent data management framework for deploying dataintensive scientific applications in clouds.

Publications and Awards:

  • 1 Journal article, 1 Book chapter, 1 Conference paper, 3 Workshop papers
  • Deb Agarwal is the recipient of a 2015 Inria International chair.

Selected publication:

Eugen Feller, Lavanya Ramakrishnan, Christine Morin, Performance and Energy Efficiency of Big Data Applications in Cloud Environments: A Hadoop Case Study, JPDC, 2015.

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