BIS’2017 – Full day working session on “Level-set methods, parallel computing and uncertainty quantification: Techniques and Applications” – 9 June 2017

Sutardja Dai Hall (SDH) Building, Meeting room 238

This full day working session brings together -but not only- researchers involved in the Inria@SiliconValley theme “New Computation & Data Analysis Approaches“.


Frederic Gibou, UC Santa Barbara

Clair Poignard, Inria


Several problems that arise in science and engineering can be formulated as a front evolution between two (or more) phases. A myriad of examples are found in materials science, in fluid dynamics and in biomedicine. The difficulty in solving such problems comes from the fact that 1) the interface location must be computed as part of the solution to the underlying equations; 2) parallel and adaptive mesh refinement techniques are often needed to capture small length scale and 3) it is important to consider uncertainty quantification.

In this workshop the focus will be given to recent advances in numerical and computational methods for interface problems and their applications. In particular, we would like to encourage the discussion of methods that are based on level set methods, parallel computing and uncertainty quantification and their applications to a variety of engineering and science problems.

This workshop will cover a broad range of topics in the mathematics and other quantitative aspects of interface problems. Overall, this event will offer an excellent opportunity for researchers to learn about a wide variety of recent developments in computational methods as well as their applications, and to stimulate interactions between Inria and Californian institutions. In particular, we intend to invite a broad range of interdisciplinary participants, with backgrounds in mathematics, physics, biology, and engineering.




10h00: Presentation of the day and Numerical challenges in electroporation modeling (Clair Poignard, Inria MONC, and Num4SEP Associate Team)

10h30: Coffee Break and discussions

11h00: Level-set methods on a forest of Octrees (Frederic Gibou, UCSB, and Num4SE Associate Team)

11h30: Applied Mathematics Research at Exascale (Esmond Ng, LBNL, and FASTLA Associate Team)

12h00: Higher-order accuracy with AMR, Mappings, and Cut Cell Finite Volume Discretizations (Hans Johansen, LBNL, and DALHIS Associate Team)

12h30: Lunch Break

14h00: Nonlocal Conservation Laws, (nonlocal) Hamilton-Jacobi Equations and Conservation Laws on Networks (Alexandre Keimer, UC Berkeley, ORESTE Associate Team)

14h30: Superconvergent methods on Cartesian grids (Olivier Gallinato, Inria MONC, and Num4SEP Associate Team)

15h00: The Voronoi Implicit Interface Method for Multiphase Multiphysics (James Sethian, UC Berkeley)

15h30: Coffee Break and discussions

16h00: Scalable inverse modeling and data assimilation methods in earth sciences (Jonghyun Harry Lee, Stanford University, FASTLA Associate Team)

16h30: A Luenberger observer for front position data. Applications in medicine. (Annabelle Collin, Inria MONC, Num4SEP Associate Team)

17h00: Conclusion and planning for forthcoming collaboration

17h30: End of the day