On-going Associate Teams

PARIETAL Team © Inria / Photo Kaksonen

© Inria / Photo Kaksonen

Joint research activities in the framework of the “Associate Team Program”

.In 2017 the program counts 14 ongoing joint projects on:

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Joint Projects on “New Computation & Data Analysis Approaches”

  • On-going projects on “New Computation & Data Analysis Approaches” in 2017:
Associate Team Research Focus Partners Principal Investigators Dates
 FASTLA  Fast and Scalable Hierarchical Algorithms for Computational Linear Algebra  Stanford University & LBNL  Olivier Coulaud,Inria  HIEPACS , Eric Darve, ICME, Stanford & Esmond Ng Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, U.C. Berkeley  Since 2012
GOAL Geometry and Optimization with ALgebraic methods  UC Berkeley  Jean-charles Faugere, Inria POLSYS

& Bernd Sturmfels, U.C. Berkeley

 Since 2015
Num4SEP  Numerics for Spherical Electroporation    UC Santa Barbara Clair Poignard, Inria MONC

& Frederic Gibou, Dpt of Mechanical Eng., U.C. Santa Barbara

Since 2017 **New project**
ORESTE  Optimal reroute strategies for traffic management   UC Berkeley  Paola Goatin, Inria ACUME (formerly OPALE)

& Alexandre Bayen, EECS Dpt, U.C. Berkeley

Since 2012

Joint projects on “Computing & Communication for the Future Internet”

  • On-going projects on “Computing & Communication for the Future Internet” in 2017:
Associate Team Research Focus Partners Principal Investigators Dates
COMPOSITE  Compositional System Integration  UC San Diego Jean-pierre Talpin, Inria  TEA

& Rajesh Gupta, Microelectronic Embedded Systems Lab, U.C. San Diego

 Since 2017 **New project**
Data Analysis on Large Heterogeneous Infrastructures for Science LBNL Christine Morin, Inria MYRIADS

& Deb Agarwal, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, U.C. Berkeley

Since 2013
DECibel  Discover, Express, Create – Interaction Technologies For Creative Collaboration UC Berkeley Wendy Mackay, Inria ExSitu 

& Bjoern Hartmann, CITRIS UC Berkeley

Since 2016
DIVERSITY  Measuring and Exploiting Diversity in Low-Power Wireless Networks  Univ. of Southern California Thomas Watteyne, Inria EVA

& Bhaskar Krishnamachari, Univ. of Southern California, Autonomous Networks Research Group (ANRG

 Since 2016
REALMS Real-Time Real-World Monitoring Systems UC Berkeley

& Univ. of Michigan

Thomas Watteyne, Inria EVA (Initially HIPERCOM2),

Steven Glaser, U.C. Berkeley

& Branko Kerkez, Uni. Michigan

 Since 2015

Joint projects “Content & Supporting Learning Technologies”

  • On-going projects on “Content & Supporting Learning Technologies” in 2017:
Associate Team Research Focus Partners Principal Investigators Dates
GeomStats Geometric Statistics in Computational Anatomy: Non-linear Subspace Learning Beyond the Riemannian Structure Stanford University Xavier Pennec, Inria ASCLEPIOS

& Susan Holmes, Stanford University

Since 2015
LargeBrainNets Characterizing Large-scale Brain Networks Using Novel Computational Methods for dMRI and fMRI-based Connectivity Stanford University Demian Wassermann, Inria PARIETAL (formerly Inria ATHENA)

& Vinod Menon,  Stanford Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience Laboratory

Since 2016
LEGO LEarning GOod representations for natural language processing UCSC (formerly UCLA) Aurélien Bellet, Inria MAGNET

& Fei Sha, University of Southern California, Dpt of Computer Science (formerly with TEDS,UCLA)

Since 2016
MetaMRI  Machine learning for meta-analysis of functional neuroimaging data  Stanford University Bertrand Thirion, Inria PARIETAL 

& Russ Poldrack, Stanford University

 Since 2015
SNOWBALL (formally SNOWFLAKE) Discovering knowledge on drug response variablity by mining electronic health records (formally Knowledge Discovery from Linked Data and Clinical Notes)  Stanford University Adrien Coulet, Inria ORPAILLEUR

& Nigam Shah, Stanford University

Since 2014 **Project renewed for 3 years**