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Nantes 9-10 Juin 2016

LIEU : Département info bât. 11, salle 113 Carte du campusLien vers les trams


  • Jeudi 9 Juin
    • 14h Accueil
    • 14h30 Alexandre Goldsztejn: A parametric Kantorovich theorem with application to tolerance synthesis  Abstract  slides
    • 15h Abhilash NAYAK: Kinematic analysis and singularities of lower-mobility parallel manipulators using algebraic geometry techniques  Slides

      Abstract: A parallel manipulator (PM) consists of a fixed base and a moving platform to each of which a coordinate frame is attached. Initially, these coordinate frames are assumed to be coincident. When the moving platform is displaced with respect to the fixed base, this Euclidean displacement can be associated to a point in the projective space P^7 via Study’s kinematic mapping. Using this approach, the constraint equations of the PM are derived in terms of the Study parameters. Primary decomposition of the ideal of the constraint equations are used to find the number of operation modes and Groebner basis is used to solve the forward kinematics of the PM for a given set of actuated joint variables. Furthermore, differentiating the constraint equations with respect to Study parameters yields the Jacobian matrix of the PM whose determinant when equated to zero gives the singularity conditions. Some techniques of classical screw theory are involved to find out the constraint, actuation and compound singularities. 

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    • 16h Rémi Imbach: Calcul de topologie de la projection dans un plan d’une courbe en nD  Slides

    • 16h30 – 18h Discussions
    • 20h Dîner
  • Vendredi 10 Juin  9h-12h Discussions
    • Surfaces: approches symbolique/numérique pour le suivi, la topologie, les singularités…


  • Nantes:
    • Equipe OGRE, Alexandre Goldsztejn, Christophe Jermann, Frédéric Goualard, Gilles Chabert, Laurent Granvilliers, Raphael Chenouard
    • Equipe ROBOTICS Irccyn, Damien Chablat, Abhilash Nayak
  • Nancy: Equipe VEGAS, Guillaume Moroz, Rémi Imbach, Marc Pouget
  • Lille: Yacine Bouzidi