Registration fees include accommodation, meals and breaks and the rental of the conference room. The social event and banquet are offered.
Payments for registration fees are calculated by days of attendance. So please fill up the registration form as precisely as possible. Please make sure before filling this form that you carefully read the Accommodation instructions
Also remember to inform us, at, of any change of plans enough in advance, thank you.

Email address:

Reminder: the conference will be held from Mon.26 to Fri.30 November 2018.
Arrival date:

    Lunch at the day of arrival*:
    Diner at the day of arrival*:
    *No Lunch and Diner options on Sunday 25th.

Departure date :

    Lunch at the day of departure:
    Diner at the day of departure*:
    *No dining-option on Friday 30th.

Type of room accommodation wanted (check one). Here, a description of the different options and their prices :

Except for single rooms, indicate (at least one) co-occupant:

Special needs:
Rates HT

  • Individual room (39,65 euros) Double room (29,65 euros )
  • Breakfast (5,66 euros)
  • Lunch or Diner (17,37 euros )
  • Tourist tax (0,88 euros /day)
  • Full break : 5,67 euros)
  • Simple break : 3,31 euros)
  • Conf. room renting : 6 euros/Pers/Day)

I want to give a (several) talk(s) on:

Provisional title(s):
(Additional slots will remain available for those still in doubt).

Mode of payment:

For "Bon de commande", please provide exact reference coordinates of the paying institution below.

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