Chemistry part

Following our initial results on N-methylated styrylpyrimidinium dye various structural modifications have been proposed to improve the NLO response:

-Reinforcing the electron-donating strength of the NPh2 group.

-Modifying the methyl in N1 of pyrimidine by other alkyl/aryl substuents.

-Optimizing the p-linker.

-Replacing the pyrimidine ring by quinazoline, a stronger electron withdrawing fragment.

Non-linear optical part

Validation of the ellipsometer for electro-optic properties measurement on thin doped polymer films.

Ongoing preparation of high Tg doped polymers.

Tests on polarization of the doped materials via pyroelectric generated strong cw electric field.

Microwave part

First study carried out entirely on a lens (simulation, manufacturing and near-field measurement). Publication in JCMM 2023.

Study in progress on the optimization of a microwave lens (miniaturization, increased gain and achromatism).  Publication in a scientific journal scheduled for late 2023.

Near-field measurement: Measurement bench automation (10-week IUT internship funded by the SMART team of Lab-STICC)

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