3D-MassiveOnlineOpenCourses, an open library of granular process able 3D contents

The project aims to set up a production line of innovative 3D resources, able to shape teaching to the development of the information and communication society accessible to all (of MOOC type). It targets the services by creating a genuine break with the teaching practices based on traditional resources including an ongoing study on the acceptability of cognitive technologies, as well as the ergonomic, physiological and comfort aspects. 3DMOOC provides training to teachers and students for the use of these technologies and resources enhancement by protocols of reuse/adaptation in various educational contexts. It offers a model of cooperation finalized between teachers, students, education authorities, technology providers (hardware or software) and research laboratories involved in the modelling of educational practices. The model is an extension of a secondary education (HighSchool) initiative currently in progress (Edu3D) supported by the French Ministry for Education and applied to secondary school programs. We propose here an extension to higher education (universities, graduate engineer schools). The goal is to design, produce, utilize and evaluate a content library, as well as to define the modus operandi that they require in terms of familiarization and application, at the service of a modern e-class. The model is based on interdisciplinary cooperation in teaching (e.g., course design, evaluative norms, and interaction between teachers and researchers). In terms of pedagogy, it aims to develop libraries of (open-source) 3D contents and tools that teachers (but also engineers and researchers) can easily reuse through a variety of learning situations. A particularity of this project is to involve students (future teachers from Ecole Normale Supérieure de Rennes) in the creation of these new types of contents and pedagogic tools, to grow the amount of material available and diffuse them using appropriate means (e.g. a MOOC). Economically speaking, the project aims to create a favourable situation for the future development of such pair content-tools by Breton SMES working in this field and being interested in identifying the real requirement and possible future business in this very promising field.

Read here the synthesis of 3D Mooc Final Report  (here)

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