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All data (raw and processed) in the IBC dataset follow the BIDS specification. Contrast maps derived from the task fMRI data are labeled using Cognitive Atlas.

fMRI tasks: Currently available data

ARCHI 4 Visuomotor, language, arithmetic, social and emotional
HCP 7 Motor, emotional, social, relational, social, gambling, working memory
RSVP Language 1 Language (sentence comprehension)
Mental Time Travel 2 Space/Time representation
Positive Incentive Value 4 Incentive/Reward system
Theory of Mind 3 Representation of beliefs, facts, observed pain
Visual Short-Term Memory 1 Short-term memory, numerosity
Enumeration 1 Enumeration, numerosity
Self 1 Encoding and retrieving representation of self and others
Bang 1 Unconstrained audio-visual stimulation
Clips 1 Unconstrained visual stimulation
Classic Retinotopy 2 Retinotopy
Raiders 1 Unconstrained audio-visual stimulation

fMRI tasks: Upcoming

Lyon 8 Auditory, visual category, working memory, salience
Realistic Sounds 1 Auditory perception of human and non-human sounds
Stanford 9 Risk-associated decision making, motor inhibition, planning, vigilance
Biological motion 1 Perception of biological motion

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