Ai-Hand project

To date, patients with a complete quadriplegia have no solution to retrieve lost hand functions. AI-HAND proposes a solution based on multicontact neural stimulation cuff electrodes. The developments will be validated during a First-In-Man clinical trial.

In two previous projects: AGILIS funded by EIT-Health (2019-20) and AGILISTIM funded by Isite MUSE, (2021-23), 4 participants with complete tetraplegia were implanted (Clinique St Jean) with 2 epineural electrodes wrapped around median and radial nerves. The electrodes (Cortec) were connected via cables to an external electrical stimulator (INRIA, NEURINNOV). The electrodes were maintained over 30 days (Centre Bouffard Vercelli). Both participants were able to grasp different objects.
A series of videos to detail the different aspects of the project and obtained results were realized:
Preparation of the electrode surgery – VIDEO 1
Two hours of surgery to place the electrodes – VIDEO 2
Functional testing, adjustment and measurement phase with the patients- VIDEO 3
Interviews of the two participants – VIDEO 4
Interview of participant 1 – Video 5
Interview of participant 2 – VIDEO 6 

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In Ai-Hand an active implanted medical device will be developed and validated in 4 volunteers.

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