Cloud storage is part of our daily lives. Most user data is stored by large service providers, GAFAM, which have the capacity to build data centers capable of processing a large amount of information. Users must therefore trust cloud providers to preserve the confidentiality of their data, while having little control over its use.

Alvearium aims to provide a sovereign alternative peer-to-peer cloud that provides both compute and data storage through a peer-to-peer network rather than from a centralized set of data centers. hive proposes to exploit the unused capacity of computers and to incentivize users to contribute their computer resources to the network in exchange for similar capacity from the network and/or monetary compensation. By exchanging similar computing resources and network capacity, users can benefit from all cloud services while ensuring the confidentiality of their data as it is fragmented, encrypted and spread across the peer-to-peer network.

The Inria COAST, COATI, MYRIADS, PESTO and WIDE teams participating in this challenge bring their expertise on aspects of reliable and cost-efficient data placement and repair in the case of node failures, collaboration on shared data, data security and management of malicious nodes in the context of unreliable distributed storage.

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